Who is minding our men?

The empowerment of women and the idea of ‘women rights’ has made its way into my household more than once and more often than not hubby and I have, let me say, agreed to disagree on several aspects of this issue. Every time the conversation comes I always find myself asking the same question over and over again. Who is minding our men?

For decades we have been teaching our girls to be empowered and letting them know they are just as good as men but unfortunately all this focus on feminism has left our boys behind.

We have not been teaching our boys how to adapt to this change in social norm, so for as long as we have been teaching our girls independence our boys have still been taught how to be mucho, exert power and be dominant (not that there is anything wrong with this, the issue is how its done). They have not been taught how to adapt to the changing ideas around being female or what it means to be a man in these changing times. They have not been taught how to adjust to this new norm.

As far as I am concerned, for as long as this carries on we will still see loads of crimes against women rise. We will still see women be told how to be. We will still see little change and this fight for balance (rather than equality) of the sexes will continually rage on. Things need to change, our boys need to be taught from a young age.

We, every single one of us, need to mind our men.


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