How to stay committed when everything tells you not to!

Pursuit of goals is very difficult. Things tend to happen and before you know it you’re nowhere near where you want to be.Life has a way of testing your steadfastness in those things you say you are committed to. Although our minds can easily make excuses for all the reasons why things didnt work out success in anything requires perseverance discipline and hardwork.

  1. Create Habits That Work

No one hits a target with their eyes closed. Whatever you do you need to have a clear picture for where you want to be and the habits that will get you there, successfully.

Start with small things that you can make into everyday habits. These habits have to add up and eventually get you to the goal you need. If there are any negative habits, replace them with good ones that will serve the result you want and persist on this new habit until its second nature.

2. Accountability is Key

Having someone who holds you up to your commitment always helps. Mentors, friends or family can act as accountability partners who can critique you.

Knowing someone will be disappointed or will hold you to account on how you will intend to achieve the goals you set out will keep you committed. You not resort to failing when the going gets tough.

3. Every Step Counts

Never forget to celebrate the smaller victories that lead you to your goal. Rarely is a goal achievable all at once. Most times its small things that you do over and over that get you closer to your goals.

Focusing on the small victories allows you to gain confidence and grow belief in yourself. It reassures you to stay on the path to your goal. All the small achieved goals will add up and get you to your intended goal.

4. Unquenchable Thirst for Your Goals

Success comes to those who are unwavered. We have all hear stories of success but never about the struggles to success. The only way you remain unwavering is if you develop an insatiable hunger for your goals only then can you be steadfast and not move no matter what is thrown at you.

Believing you can do it is a big part of it. Having that conviction that it can be done and the ability silent out negativity and anything else that can derail you from your goal.


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