A Bad Prank, Scam’s Silver Lining: The Wiseman Story

So what happens when your ugly prank intended to humiliate and shame does the exact opposite? This is the story of Wiseman, a petrol attendant.

The prank : I commend Wiseman for being so calm.

These nasty men (who made sure not to show their faces) asked the petrol attendant, Wiseman, to fill up fuel for “two ten” (common sense would tell you that’s two hundred and ten rands) which he did. Once the fuel was in their tank, much to Wiseman’s dismay the men handed him 2 ten rand notes. They made it out to be his mistake (even though they did not stop him while he was filling their tank). They then left the filling station having paid twenty rands for two hundred and ten rands worth of fuel. (Which in essence is scamming) Leaving Wiseman out to dry.

Black twitter which is usually known for wretchedness and all other bad did the most for Wiseman with hashtags #210forWiseman #countryduty and #Wiseman. South Africans came together giving what they could with an aim of turning this nasty prank into a blessing for Wiseman and his family. Nedbank SA even came on board and pledged to match whatever donations made to Wiseman.

This is really the kind of feel good story I live for. Thank you to Tumi Sole and Country Duty for shining the light of such injustice and to the South Africans who came together and did a good thing for someone in his time of need.


To the guys who did this, you were a blessing in disguise had you not done the nasty thing you did Wiseman wouldn’t have been much better off so thank you to you too!

Update: Wiseman gave his mother all the proceeds, they will upgrade his mother’s house from the mud hut she currently is living in.


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