Introducing Afro-Lit Lenders, Your Book Exchange of Choice.

Are you in Zimbabwe? Are you a bookworm? Do you have trouble accessing African Literature? Are you having trouble with the price of new books? If you answered YES to any of these questions then this blog post is for you!

Who is Afro-Lit Lenders?

Afro-Lit Lenders was started as a solution to all the above questions. Literature as it is in Zimbabwe (and I would like to say Africa as well) is dying. Afro-Lit celebrates African and black writers by making this specific kind of literature readily available to the consumer. Afro-Lit celebrates our own stories.

How does it work?

Contact Afro-Lit Lenders and they will provide you with a Google form link. Follow link and see all available titles then secure your title of choice through the Google Form. Once secured you can proceed to make arrangements for your payment and swap.

How much does it cost?

This book swap service is from as low as 3 USD.

Other services?

Afro-Lit also offers a rental option where you borrow a book (at a cost) for a certain amount of time and bring it back. In addition, you can purchase your own copy and make it yours forever.

Ts & Cs:

For book swaps – the copy you bring to swap with should be in good condition (no one would want to receive a tattered copy.

For rentals – deposits and a service fee may be applicable.

For purchases – requests are welcome, Afro-Lit may source you desired titles (shipping may be payable)

P.S All collections are to be done on Saturday.


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