Afrobloggers: Online Community of Choice

I remember the day I signed into twitter for the first time. It was strange. I wasn’t following anyone so there was nothing on my feed and I just felt lost. Unlike Facebook even finding my relatives and friends was a struggle so I logged out.

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I was gone for a couple of years.

Until I started blogging and the more I got into blogging it seemed twitter was the place to be. It was the best place to market my blog posts so I logged in again. I still had no idea on the how part but I was slowly acquainting myself with the ways of the app.

Then one glorious day I stumbled upon a poem, I don’t really remember what it was about but I do remember thinking how short it was yet so complete. It had a hashtag #AbWPE. And with that hashtag the gates to a whole other world were opened to me.

After tapping on the hashtag and finding myself reading poem after poem I found @Afrobloggers ( an online platform for bloggers to meet, interact, support each other and grow made for African bloggers and all that support the cause).

If I were to describe this community using one word it would be ‘Ubuntu’.

This community has been the best. They don’t just retweet your tweet but they read the blog posts. They critique and acknowledge your work. I guarantee it. This is the best online community that I have ever come across. One I am proud to be part of and decided to belong to, exclusively.

My blogging journey has been so much easier because of them. Advice is readily available, always. I have made friends (even though some don’t know that they are my friends, lol). I have blogs I follow religiously that I discovered through them. Best of all its not just for blogs but for all online content creators including vlogs and podcasts.

My fave Afrobloggers days are:

Wednesdays because they are Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evenings (#AbWPE) where writers of any kind come together and write poetry from picture prompts (although somedays there aren’t any

Saturdays because we get a run down of blogs that were posted during the week (in case you missed them when they went out), blogging tricks and tips as well.

Mondays because its always a Motivation Monday vibe that picks you up. It’s never Blue Monday, we always ready for the week.

Not forgetting Sundays!!!! Which are takeover days. We get upclose and personal with a blogger from the community who has the account for the day ( takeovers are also done on Facebook and Instagram).

Afrobloggers have a lot of initiatives for bloggers, find out more on their website.

To the community, thank you!


8 thoughts on “Afrobloggers: Online Community of Choice

  1. there’s good people and talented creatives out there, and Afrologgers just makes it step easier to connect with people all over … I am also loving the new spirit of collaborations going on, picture it a borderless Africa…


    PS my favourite day is Wednesday

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  2. I thank God for getting to ur site. You have just described my current experience. Am gonna go to their site and see how I also benefit. Thanks. Kindly follow my blog


    1. Its nice to know this will help someone else. Follow them on Social media too, you won’t go wrong!
      I can’t seem to find your about page on your blog. I followed it though.


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