Money ain’t the only measure of success!

For the longest time when asked about success, my answers where related to money and fame.

There is nothing wrong with using these two as a measure of success but I soon realised that they are not the measure for my success. At a very young age I remember always being told to work hard in school because that’s the only way you make money. Or work hard so you can buy that flashy car. These are not things that satisfy me. In as much as we all know that in this world we live in money is a need, having money in abundance is not really something I am chasing. I want money enough for a comfortable life. That’s it.

My measure of success is accomplishing the things I love. Accomplishing the goals I set for myself, short-term and long-term. Only that will satisfy me. That reading and writing workshop, the book business, time with family and supporting them and the dreams they chase. When I look back in twenty years and see that I have accomplished these things, only then will I say I have achieved success.

I chose not to conform to the ‘ money ‘ is the ultimate goal thought pattern. I don’t want to spend my life chasing something that will never give me the fulfillment I need only to find out that I have lost out on the things that make me happy.

Money is not the only measure of success. For some its education, for others a skill, the list goes on. Do you know your measure of success? Let me know what it is in the comment section.


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