If I could time travel this is what I would do…

One day (whether I am here or not) my daughter will scroll these virtual pages. She will read every word I wrote trying to figure out what it is I was trying to leave behind for her, what thoughts were racing in my mind and why I left them here for eternity.

Hopefully as she reads this post something will stick. And maybe, just maybe, as I write to my younger self she will find answers or a little understanding. She may even try and make sense of life.

All I can do is hope.

If I could time travel I would myself a letter along the lines of…

Dear (Younger) Me

Now that I lived, a little further in life than you have I need you to listen.

From here, things will only get better, not to say it will be a smooth ride because it is in the nature of life to throw bumps and curves at you but the worst is over.

So as you go through life play more. Don’t just go through the motions of living, enjoy more. Most importantly be a child. Take a break from these adult responsibilities. Be reckless and don’t mind the consequences.

Life is tipsy-turvy, you might wake up plunged into a world you do not recognise. One with challenges you might not be ready for. So enjoy childhood while it lasts because the challenges will come. Hard as those challenges maybe you will over come. Over time you become somewhat good at too!

Sweet angel, innocent and naive. Such a precious jewel. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. As you grow older always remember – it is your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your journey that sets you apart from the rest, it is what makes you you. It is your fingerprint. It is what says you were here, lived, breathed and took space. It is not a curse.

The Lord blessed you with understanding beyond your years, let it not be the reason you are taken advantage of.

Just like this journey of life has taught me to appreciate what I have, I say to you do the same. There is always a silver lining among grey clouds. Live in the now, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Do not forget to laugh, to smile and have fun every so often. Life is too short to be too serious all the time (you will wrinkle before your time). And that 3 year old you is in you somewhere, find her and let her out some time.

Lastly, trust the process. It’s there for a reason.


(Older) Me

Ps. Your hubby is just what you prayed for. God answers prayers.


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