Best Of The Year: People, Blogs & Posts That Made My 2020

So this year has BEEN a year, right! These people, blogs and blog posts have made my year a bit easier for me to get through!

Blogs I Follow

Growing Pains is a blog by @Mablees. This blog has been my happy place this year I never leave it without a smile on my face.

Becoming the Muse

Becoming the Muse is a blog by @BeatonM5. This blog I follow for current affairs, reviews and a bit of personal opinion.

Image from Pixabay

People I Met


Nigerian blogger Gelax of Gelax Chatroom was the first person to ever guest post on this blog (read her post here). Her forever happy stance on life is infectious. She is a breathe of fresh air.

Hey Anci

Zimbabwean Blogger Ancillar of Hey Anci was the whole reason I started reading again this year. In as much as I know I can’t read as much as she does (even though I want to), she truly inspires me. Keep reading!

Image from Pixabay


Blogs posts that stood out for me this year were ones from this blog. These are posts I have wanted to write for a long time and it was heart warming to get the amount of response I got on posts I wrote with so much passion:

Who is minding our men? is a post on countering masculinity as we know it to make the world a better place for future generations, both male and female.

Raising a Daughter in a Femicide Nation speaks about how violence isn’t just the fist on a body but even the need to cross streets, mind what we as women wear to ward off stares etc.

Boys Needs to Learn About Menstruation Too explains why menstruation isn’t just a fight for females but for males as well.

Image from Pixabay

What made your 2020 a bit more bearable?


10 thoughts on “Best Of The Year: People, Blogs & Posts That Made My 2020

  1. Awwww… I’m so emotional right now 🥺🥺🥺.

    Thank you Sue! You’re lovely and I’m glad we met!

    Cheers to more wins and collaborations in 2021!♥️✨

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