Best Of The Year: The Tory Teller’s 2020 Highlights

Twenty-twenty, that’s how I prefer to call the year has indeed been an amazing one. A lot of you may not agree with me but I’m sorry I like to choose my words carefully. It is my preference to use positive words than negative ones.

With experience and knowledge gathered, I have realized that words are as powerful as thoughts. The more you think and speak negative, the more you attract such and vice versa. I refuse to say it has been one hell of a year because, although it came with no small challenges, I can still mention some good things I experienced this year.

At the beginning of the year, I started with lots of prospects and hope for great things, well, COVID-19 happened along the way and, no, the rest is not history, it’s mystery. How else can I explain the fact that all through the turbulent year, I didn’t lack essentially?

From the time there was global lock down, in the month of March, my family and I didn’t supply till date. Truthfully, a good number of people lost their jobs and others had salary slash, of which I and my husband were affected, but somehow, we still found a way to keep our family of 4 going all through.

One of the things I benefitted from the lock down was spending quality time with my family. I had the opportunity to thoroughly look into my children’s school work and find out areas they were struggling with too. Let me also mention that I upgraded my culinary skills and tried my hands on new recipes that I previously never had time for. My family still claims those were the most memorable time of the year for them.

The kind of career growth I experienced this year bamboozled me in many ways than I can imagine. I made good connections with people of like minds, especially a community of African bloggers who have constantly challenged me to aim for more. The kind of positive vibe I get from this community has greatly expanded my horizon and inspired me on a whole new level.

My blog family has also grown and received more recognition than I thought was possible in such a short time. In this same year, I was able to do collaborations with some African writers, authors and content creators. I also got certified by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) for participation in their workshop organized for bloggers. It is an enormous feat, if you ask me.

In this same amazing year, I wrote a movie script for a Nigerian celebrity and was paid in full. Nothing, absolutely, nothing prepared me for that because indeed it was a big leap in my career as a writer.

Need I mention the connections I made in my business? How I was able to get contracts and execute them in a very short time. I know I stretched myself very much that at some point I broke down and battled for my health but then I was back on my feet in no time.

All these prompted me to commence the #31daysofgratitude challenge on my blog. Initially, I didn’t think it was possible but when I began to mention things I am grateful for in this year, I realized that I could actually count 31 things I am grateful for.

I cannot deny the fact that 2020 was a tough year but I know that I sailed through and there are many good things about it. So this piece is just to encourage someone to stay positive as we wrap up this year and be hopeful that it will usher in a better 2021.

Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New Year in advance.

The Tory Teller

Onyinye Udeh aka The Tory Teller is a writer, content creator, blogger and storyteller. She shares her experiences on Tory Teller’s blog where her readers learn lessons and get inspired. Humor is a one of her recipes.


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