I Am African But… I Do Not Want To Get Married

I was heading to work one morning when Mom called me. After pleasantries, she told me to tell my boyfriend to come and do introduction. I was livid and in that moment and I immediately called her off. I did not want to speak of it further.

Well, three days later, that relationship ended and broke me into a million pieces, but that is a story for another day. 

I have three sisters, one teenager and two adults. For some reason, mother mine is of the opinion that we all must marry soon. I find this funny, but a part of me really feels sad for her because I am African, but I do not want to get married. At least, it is not a priority for me, I can sincerely do without it. 

No, I really am not a hoe. I am full-time monogamist who can love one person for the rest of her life, however, marriage is not one of the things I want to do with the said person. Is that weird? Maybe. 

Marriage is a societal and religious construct, and well all the perks of marriage can be gotten out of it. 

From sex to companionship, to love, to even children(I do not want these either, but, story for another day). What is with the insane desire to give up your surname? Okay, you would not give up your surname for the feminists in the house( Hello, coven member here), so why exactly do you need all that fanfare? Maybe it is for legal sex because that is the only reason I see for ya’ll to go through the stress. The right to have sex and not feel bad about it. 

I already have sex, and I do not feel bad about it (colour me reprobate), I love like a person in a marriage, even more, and I can cohabit. So what else is there?

If you think marriage is going to stop a cheating partner, ah, I have no words for you. A cheater will cheat and it will pain you more because God does not like divorce. For people like me, I can just walk away from the relationship if things are not working. I do not know if you know, but the Nigerian divorce process is a nightmare. You are expected to stay in that relationship, whether you are dying or not. Your mother, father, pastor and the world will tell you to work on that marriage. 

‘I am breaking up with you’ and a lot of alcohol and anxiety pills later, and a relationship is over for me. I take breakups really bad, how do you want me to survive a divorce? Ma pa mi nau. Pity this girl. 

The bottom line is, I am an African woman who does not attach importance to marriage, I hope my mother understands if it does not happen for me. I have three sisters and they are very homely and perfect, they will get married and give her grandchildren. I will be that rich aunty who is barely around, who everyone sees once in four Christmases and who opens trust funds in millions for her sisters’ children. 

Let me die in peace and alone when I’m old (I get threatened with this a lot when I say I do not want husbands and kids) and get burnt like the African who does not want to be buried.


5 thoughts on “I Am African But… I Do Not Want To Get Married

  1. Yes! Well argued! SHE does not want to get married! Maybe some day she might change her mind, but maybe she won’t. Let it be the story of her own life. I won’t try to steal her thunder! Hey!hey! she does not want to get married!! We will respect that!

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