Our languages are dying but… we are doing something about it!

Some blog posts ago I wrote about how we need to preserve language to preserve culture. You can find that post here. African languages are dying at scary rates.

After writing that I am glad to say I have come across some resources that have made it easier for parents abroad like myself to teach our children our native languages, culture and stories.

What I love most is that the learning is not just limited to children neither are they limited to just parents abroad. It’s for everyone, whether enforcing understanding in your child or just someone who wants to take on an adventure and learn something new!


If you want to listen to African folklore or just something different these are for you:

Giraffe’s eggs and other tales

African Folktales

Cartoons & Rhymes

My Nunu really loved these Shona channels!

TidaNaTipa – Shona Rhymes

Shona Kids Songs – Shona Rhymes

Learning Resources

These really warmed my ❤️!

“My First Book of Shona and Ndebele Words” (currently on sale together with the “My Shona and Ndebele Calendar 2021”) – basic Shona and Ndebele words

Shona Ebook – an interactive Shona book

If there are more resources preserving African languages add them in the comments and help others check them out!


One thought on “Our languages are dying but… we are doing something about it!

  1. […] Zvirinyore kudakufanana nevamwe, kuita zvavanoita uye kutevedzera tsika dzavo asi mukudaro tsika dzedu dziri kurasika. Dzedu tsika dzichamiririrwa nani tikasazviita isu? Ndakanyora nezvekukosha kwekuchengetedza tsika, magariro nendimi apa, ndikanyorazve zvirikuitwa nevamwe kuti vazvichengetedze apa. […]


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