Never Have I Ever…..Not Bathed for A Week!

So this is me 41 weeks pregnant, admitted in hospital and waiting for my C Section. I remember thinking hey I’ll here a couple of days and be on my merry way.

It was a Monday check up, so I had bathed when I left home with no intention of being admitted into hospital, but we never know hey. There is a Shona saying ‘afamba apota’ which loosely translates to ‘one who has traveled cannot be counted upon’. I was overdue with a bridged baby and so needed the C Section ASAP. I was not going home today!

Tuesday was the first time I tried to go to the bathroom i.e toilet and shower. It looked like scene from the Saw movies. Blood, grime, water, dirty walls….I could go on forever. I did not eat that day.

By Wednesday I had a made a friend, a regular in this ward. She knew the ins and outs. She knew when the food came, when it was best to eat, when it was best to use the bathroom etc. Still no bath for me in sight, those bathrooms are a crime!

Thursday morning 3am, as was now routine, just after the bathrooms get “cleaned” we would rush to the bathroom, use the loo, and try a version of a WWII military bath. First time some parts of my body touched water.

This carried on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday night/ early Sunday morning I finally got my C Section (had to jump the queue because baby had had enough and just wanted out!)

The post surgery ward was heaven compared to the hell ward I had just come from. I could hardly walk but this was really the first time I felt I could take a proper bath (well the version of it you have after a major operation).

This story may or may not be true. Let me know in the comments, do you think this really happened?


4 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…..Not Bathed for A Week!

  1. Did I ever doubt the possibility of the story being true?
    Not at all.
    With pregnancy, delivery and motherhood, I have seen enough to know that anything is possible.

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