On Parenting : Sue’s Take

In celebration of Mother’s day and the month that bears it, I have decided to have 3 weeks (might be more, if you are parent and want to share your story get, in touch) dedicated to parents and their parenthood journeys.

I will kickstart the series ‘On Parenting’ with my take on the motherhood journey.

My Nunu and I

It started with the bile

The sickness

The tiredness

The dread

Punctuated by occasional flutters

That could easily be mistaken for butterflies

I was falling in love

In the midst of misery

Of tears

Of uncertainty

Of fear

Punctuated by the occasional glimmer of hope

One day it would all be over

I would hold you and you would be mine

Then you came

And you were mine

Tiny hands cupping my face

Tiny cute smiles melting my heart

Naughtiness on end

I wouldn’t have any other way


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