When Creativity Flows…

So this is still week one of this year’s Afrobloggers WinterABC, also known as Creavity Week.

My husband is a fine artist and what better time to shamelessly plug him than a themed week of a challenge? I am going to list 5 artworks he made that I love the most.

The Art Farm

This artwork is all about details, look closely there are surprises in there!

Courtesy of KKN Art

Listen To Your Heart

I love how this painting is so literal and metaphoric at the same time.

Courtesy of KKN Art


For this, it’s the simplicity that draws me in.

Courtesy of KKN Art

Union Buildings (Pretoria)

If you have have ever seen Harare in full bloom you know why this is very nolstagic for me. Jacarandas paint Pretoria purple, the same way they paint Harare every year.

Courtesy of KKN Art

Birchenough Bridge

This dead beat of a heart can’t wait to reach its destination
To get away from the insanity of this concrete jungle
Away from the hussle and bussle
From this prison, this illusion of sublimity
Yet it is captivity
Bound by these unbreakable motions
This vicious cycle…. – Exerpt from Journey Home a poem inspired by this painting

Courtesy of KKN Art

Kudakwashe K. Nhevera is a South African based Zimbabwean fine artist. His work revolves around portraiture and modes of transport derived from his fascination with movement, although he is a versatile artist. He explored a number of mediums before settling for the flexibility of oils and pencils.

You can find more of of his work on his website.


18 thoughts on “When Creativity Flows…

  1. Love the listen to your heart one…
    Should make it a regular thing to plug the art 😎 especially alongside the inspired poetry…. unless an illustrated chapbook is coming along

    Liked by 1 person

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