Frugally Techy

I was sitting with my phone wondering what I was going to write for a week themed Business & Tech. Like honestly, could anything be any harder? (Maybe child birth). Then it hit me.

Take my phone on any given day, besides social media, writing apps and the pre-installed apps that come with the phone (these don’t really count as mine), the largest amount of apps you will find on my phone are retail related apps because this Miss will do almost anything for a bargain. So much so that it hurts when I pay full price for ANYTHING. I am always chasing the next deal and whatever is on special.

One day I will write about all the frugal tips I have found through out the years. One day.

Anyway, along the way I came across an app that I wish I had know of long ago.

Introducing Wuhu!

Wuhu is a Unilever Rewards app that gives you points for shopping participating Unilever products. They give you points for completing missions in the app as well as for stamp cards. See if you do it right, you get your goods at an in store discount and still get all your points in the app, you get rewarded TWICE!

Wuhu is super easy to use. All you need to do is download the app and register. When you do your shopping keep the slip and scan in the app to get your points. It’s as easy as Shop, Scan, Get Paid!

Once you get enough points you can redeem them and get vouchers for fast food, retail outlets, airtime or you can donate. All that for just doing your shopping! Isn’t that something.

Let me know how you are using tech in your day to day in the comment section.

Ps. I am not sure if this app works outside of South Africa, but it’s definitely worth a try.


4 thoughts on “Frugally Techy

  1. I heard about this app for quite some time but I never got to pat attention. Ilk actually download it and see how it works. I’ll do anything to buy on discount😆😆😆

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