5 Things You Can Do To Support Small Brands

So you like what your friend, colleague or even some small business you came across is doing but you can’t afford to buy their products for whatever reason. Here are 5 things you can do to say, “Hey, I got you!” to those brands.

Sign Up!

Signing up for their newsletter, whatsapp broadcast, FB page and the likes wouldn’t take a minute. It definitely would do that business a world of good though. Numbers matter especially when it comes to customer confidence.

Write a Review

A good, positive review on sites such as HelloPeter, Amazon or social media give future customers of the brand an incentive to do business with the brand. It would hurt for you to do that brand a solid and leave a review!

Recommend Brands

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool out there. Has anyone in your circle ever told you about a product they are using and the wonderful results they are getting from it? If yes, then you know why I have this on my list. Imagine the boost big brands get (for free) from their clientele? This could you helping your friend’s brand too.


Share, share, share!

If you can’t buy, share. Repost that social media post, share that whatsapp status. Like and comment too. Every interaction you make with the brand makes it more appealing to others. Keep interacting to support!


Be that sounding board, the support circle and the go to person for your entrepreneur. Imagine if all businesses has not support structure and resulted in failure, where would we be? Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest professions to be in. You have nothing to fall back on and everyone within the business looks at you for solutions. They need a bit of love and support too.


How do you support small businesses? Add more ways to support small businesses in the comments!


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