We’re One!

I decided to take a break in July and clear my head space for the second half of the year so this blog post is a little late but better late than never, right. In the spirit of clearing out the draft folder, *wink, Afrobloggers community*, here is my anniversary post, even though a month late. 

Just over a month ago this blog turned one. We have been through quite a bit, this blog and I. 

It started out as Kintsugi. A place of healing, community and self-discovery for myself and my readers. Over the past couple of months, the blog’s aim has evolved. In addition to all these things, I want this blog to be my legacy. A love letter to my daughter, a place she can find bits of her mother long after I am gone, because of this I decided to rebrand the blog.

Introducing Amari!

Amari is a baby girl name, with Yoruba origins, meaning strength. In case you were wondering, why Amari? Well, I loved that it means strength something I am trying to achieve for myself and my readers through healing, a sense of community and understanding of self. I also loved that it is a baby girl’s name because it aligns with the new direction we are taking – a non-traditional parenting blog.

I went with the colour green for this new phase because green represents healing, growth, strength and unconditional love. Things that this blog is an embodiment of.

In celebration of Amari’s first anniversary, my chapbook will be available for free download for 24hours from 0900hrs CAT on August 4, 2021.

Here’s to more years of blogging, growth and legacies and we delve into this new chapter. 

Happy 1st anniversary Amari!


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