The Girl Who Knows About Cars: A Book Review

Child, as I pick up our read this month, I am thinking about you. This story embodies everything I wish for you. I wish you grow up into strong woman, one who goes against the grain and takes up space. One who is comfortable in her skin and is always curious to learn. One who goes for the all the things in the hard spaces.

Our read this month is The Girl Who Knows About Cars. This book tells us a story of a girl who was curious to learn about cars and helped her father one day when the car broke down. This book is suitable for readers from the age of 5/6 as children start to read alone.

Things I loved about this book:

  1. The story is easy to follow. Younger children who are not able to read on their own can follow the story through the illustrations and understand it.
  2. Illustrations are relatable and look a lot like the average African.
  3. Illustrations are big.
  4. The story is easy to read and does not overwhelm little readers especially if they are still beginning to read on their own.
  5. It emphasizes that a girls can do anything, African girls can do anything!

BONUS: It has an activity that would be fun to do with your child!

The Girl Who Knows About Cars, originally published in 1996 is a book by Amu Djoleto a Ghanian writer and educator. He has written five other children’s’ books,  one poetry book, three novels and four practice books.


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