Idia of the Benin Kingdom : A Book Review

Firstly, can I just say I am loving the African Renaissance happening at the moment? As a parent to a young child, it is definitely happening at the right time for me! My child can see characters that look like her, realistic versions too. Girls doing the most in these books and for the most part and girls that existed. Real life women and took the world by its horns.

Idia’s story is such a magnificent one. The story takes us through Idia’s life while validating professions such as dance (and having parents that support their child in these creative spaces that aren’t considered careers such a long time ago), showing the importance of our African healing methods and that women can be warriors too.

Things I loved about the story:

1. Idia’s father – he is the perfect example of what a father should be to a daughter.

2. Idia’s mother – for being patient with her curious nature and teaching her what she wanted to know.

3. Idia – as a reminder that dreams do come true both figuratively and physically.

4. The fun facts about Idia at the back of the book.

BONUS: It comes with a link to an activity book!

Idia of the Benin Kingdom is a book by Ekiuwa Aire who wrote with hopes that her books will help kids develop an appreciation for African history, and to value the wisdom and pride that will come from this knowledge.

Ekiuwe also wrote Njinga of Ndongo and Matamba which I reviewed a while back, check out that review here.


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