It’s All For Her!

My husband and I had a discussion a couple of days ago. It eluded to the question if you are not going to get any recognition for the work you do, if you are not financially compensated for the efforts you make and if you do not get satisfaction from this work (not that I don’t) then why do it at all?

For me this was an easy to answer question, but before I get to my response I will ask you this – why would YOU carry on?

Had I been posed with this question 3 years ago my answer would have been something like for the fun of it or for the experience. However, today is not three years ago and I am not the same person. I must say I was a bit taken aback by my response. It sounded so mature and profound I was shocked these words were coming out of my mouth. I did mean every bit of it though and I am sure most parents would agree.

Here’s why I would still do it, so my daughter knows it’s possible. I do it for my child.

If by starting a blog, creating a book or by writing I make it known to her that she can chase her dreams then it’s all worth. If by taking steps towards something while scared and filled with fear gives her courage to achieve whatever her heart desires then I have lived. If any work of my hands inspires her to leave her mark in this world then a job well done to me. No money will ever equate this satisfaction!


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