Reading Time Is Bonding Time In My Home

I read somewhere that the propensity to learn or to implement a learning acquisition can be passed down to children genetically. I do not know how far true this is but I found myself wondering if it is why my Nunu loves books so much.

I started reading to her a couple of months after she was born. I have not been consistent I must admit. I read to her when I can or rather when I remember to. I have been doing my best to be more consistent though since she turned 18 months. It was after this milestone I started to see consistent conscious decision making on her part meaning her brain was in full swing lol, she knows what she is doing now (well kind of, 27 years on this earth and I still have nothing figured out but you get the drift).

Her current favourite book is The Girl Who Knows About Cars which I reviewed here.

I plan to nurture this love of hers. I hope she does not outgrow it. The best moments for me are when she goes to pick a book when she wants me to read to her, how she ‘forces’ me to point at the words and pictures while I read because are you really reading if you aren’t pointing and I love how she mimics me reading with her gibberish words (she is taking forever to talk but we move). I especially love how this is one more thing we bond over, one thing that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Reading is for all ages, my less than 2-year-old has definitely proven it to me. I have put together 3 reasons why you should take up reading with your child.


1.helps kids discover new things they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

2.encourages make belief AKA active imaginations

3.helps develop language skills (maybe if I had been consistent my Nunu would be talking by now lol)

Is reading a thing in your house?


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