Reading Is Back In Style!

Well it has always been, lol!

Despite my resolution to read 50 books this year after I fell in love with reading again last year (thanks to Anci), life happened and I couldn’t! For the most part of the year I didn’t read until now.

Life has calmed a bit and allowed me to read again. If I could I would be screaming right now, ‘I AM READING AGAIN’! In celebration I decided to do a round up of my reads so far.

1. Raybearer

This book! OK, if you know anything about my reading habits you will know that I have been in love with African fantasy (is that what it’s even called?). I love fantasy on a normal day but this genre allows me to see myself in a world full of magic! Me!

So you can imagine my excitement when I opened this book and found the main character’s name is a Shona name! If excitement was a person it would definately be me. Like what a wow!


OK, I know I am supposed to be writing about the book so let me move on.

This book kept me awake at night, depriving me of sleep into wee hours of the night. It was such an easy read and a great way for me to get back into my reading habit. The story has a way of gripping you in a non thriller way. Keeping you wanting more to the very end.

I love how Jordan ended the book as well. An end that wasn’t really an end, giving enough closure for me to put the book down but leaving it enough for me to want to pick up the sequel. I kind of wondered how she would take the story a notch higher in the sequel.

2. Redemptor

Tarisai is the female I always told myself I would be!

Like the first book, this was such an easy flowing read. So much so it occupied my mind every inch while I read it and a while after I didn’t want to pick up another book because it was THAT good!


This girl is the girl I wanted to read about as I grew up one that would tell me that I do anything, I can be anything. She is such a force. And an inspiration to every girl of colour out there. I applaud Jordan for the work she did with both books.

This time around she included LGBTQI characters which also goes a long way in accepting diversity.

What’s on your TBR?


7 thoughts on “Reading Is Back In Style!

  1. I decided to try planning my reads for next year.(i am learning this planning thing forJustine love.. She is so organised.) . I have my January reads ready. I want to be more intentional. I find myself being an emotional reader. Of I will do 10 books in 2 weeks and not read again for 3 months. And I would like to progress to a daily reader.

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