Good Bye 2021

As I say goodbye to the year past, I choose to count my blessings. I chose to focus on all the good! Like the job I just applied for even though I didn’t qualify and got! Like that certificate I started 2 years ago but finally put myself to finishing and did! Like realising that I actually know some stuff even though imposter syndrome gets the best of me at times. Like my daughter turning two (I thank God! I didn’t think myself much of a mom and always fear she might die from being a daughter to a mother who has no idea what she is doing but she hasn’t yet so we celebrate).

I count my blessings as I thank the Lord for seeing me through every difficult situation I went through this year. For strengthening my marriage and seeing us through tough times. For allowing me to grieve and recover and come back to my own. For growth and maturity through every season. For my husband and his show of strength and resilience when the time came.

I celebrate with those around me who had wins, my mum for completing a gender studies degree at 61. My older sister for completing her teaching qualification. My eldest sister for finishing her degree even though she works full time and is a single mom to two. With my friends as they built and grew.

This blog post has been one I have been contemplating on writing for a while. I have been toying with the idea, to write or not to write. You are reading this so evidently decided on writing it but it was not an easy write. It may not be much however the vulnerability that it required of me is one I have not experienced EVER. It needed me to relive and bare myself. As made the decision to write this blog post I decided to see it as the last chapter to a book I am closing. To leave every negative thing this year has brought with 2021 and close it as I move into 2022.

Goodbye 2021.


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