There’s A New Literary Magazine On The Block!

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

Exciting times are upon us as we introduce The Author’s Literary Essentials (ALE), a publication designed to address building a digital footprint for the literary mind. It is a literary journey of discovery, our very own space to network, promote and appreciate literary work. It is dedicated to all the aspirational authors, bloggers and content creators out there. 

Released three times a year, this publication is available online via our website both in print and digital formats offering new and seasoned writers an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Over the years, we have discovered that cultivating a lifetime reading habit is not easy. Technological advancements have specifically been a stumbling block to this effect. It is therefore important to promote environments where reading is valued, promoted and actively encouraged as this goes a long way in reviving the reading culture. 

In this Volume, we cover audiobooks, podcasts, blogs and writing tips. TAP into awesome conversations we’ve had with our spotlight features – Publisher & Author Daniella Blechner and Podcaster Tinto! We are proud to canvas international authors, bloggers, content creators and publishers – giving you exceptional literary content for your inspiration and enjoyment, as well as, writing and publishing tips. As if that wasn’t enough, this publication is teeming with expressive poetry and nostalgic short stories spilling into our podcasts and talk shows as we continue conversations to gain insight, to be inspired and to take away some wisdom nuggets!

We hope to connect with as many of you as possible to network, promote and find solutions to keep the reading culture alive. If you want to be featured, want to sponsor, or contribute in any way, we’d like to hear from you. Do not forget to follow us on our social media handles, subscribe to our channels and visit our website for more incredible content.

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This article is a guest post by RM Publishers.


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