Upon the Sands: A Book Review

This book was gifted to me by Jeremy Forsyth in return for an honest review.

Signed copy!!

I have read fantasy before (mostly along the Harry Potter lines) and if you know me, then you know I have become quite a sucker for African fantasy (is that the official name?). This book, however, was a delve into uncharted territory for me.

I struggled a bit getting into the rhythm of the book, getting to see the world Jeremy had created and I won’t lie, I thought it was going to go on my DNF reading list more than once but as an author myself I get what Jeremy is trying to do so I willed myself and kept reading those first hundred pages. Part of the struggle I definately attribute to not reading any of Jeremy’s earlier books which would have acted as an introduction to the Elven world. I am definately glad I stuck it out though because it is such a great read.

Jeremy’s earlier books

The book is the first in a series titled a Symphony of Shadow and Darkness.

Upon the Sands

The book is set in the Elvin Realms with a particular focus on the Moon elves. Although the Moon’s reign seems steady at the beginning of the book, a series of what seems like coordinated events want to threaten that. With assassination attempts against the Throne, attacks on Blade masters including those that have left the Realm, dark prophecies and jeopadised alliances by the end of the book I was envoloped and engrossed. I was obsessed with this book and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

Map of Alepion

I was so sad to have finished reading it and couldn’t stand that I was left hanging, I wish I had book two right there with me.

Things I loved about the books

1. I loved that although this book is part of a series, it does well as a stand alone book.

2. I love how every character is introduced with a bit of background to give the reader a better understanding

3. I love the unimaginable number of spin offs that can come from this book and I am going to read each and everyone

4. It made me a proper fantasy fan! I wanna be an elf and don’t want to age like a human lol

5. I loved how it made me think, trying to figure out clues and solved seeming riddles in the story!

I definately recommend it and give it a 3.5/5 rating

‘If you know they will be OK, what is the point of reading? And if you know they will be OK, what is the point of me writing? – Jeremy Forsyth

Find more about him and his books here.


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