Joburg Noir: A Book Review

I fell in love with contemporary African literature a long time ago. Literature I could envision myself in, literature that told my story better than I could imagine myself doing. I found slice in it. It cried for me, celebrated on my behalf, embraced me and screamed to world who I was when I could not.

I fell in love with African literature a long time ago. When I saw it open doors of my imagination I never knew were there. To see mirrors, people like me in these books. Things I never saw growing up and it warms my heart. This book was no different.

I saw myself or someone I knew in a lot of the stories. I recognised stories we were told growing up even though these were set in Joburg. To me it said we are all one and the same. It told stories I am at times scared to articulate, it humanised me and my people. It told of relationships, friendships that some may not understand.

Like any city, Joburg is bright and vibrant but Joburg also devours and destroys.

Things I Liked About The Book:

1. I liked how reading this book felt. It tells raw stories that could be anywhere in Africa and still be true.

2. I loved the diversity of authors chosen for the compilation. I recognised a few names but most were new to me. It’s great when you meet a new writer and their writing is great!

3. This was such an easy read for me. It took me 4 days with everything else still going on as usual for me to finish it. Super quick read.

P.s. on the down side I really didn’t like how almost unfinished most of the stories felt. I really didn’t like how I would feel like I was left hanging just before the climax of the story after the last sentence.

An overall great read!


2 thoughts on “Joburg Noir: A Book Review

  1. I guess the suspense is part of the art. I have grown more in love with African literature recent years and very much because of how it is so relatable
    Thank you for sharing will look out for the book.

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