Childhood Feels Like Home

Childhood looks like dust covered feet at sunsetM

Making their way in-between the hole riddled fence

After my mother’s call for supper

Childhood smells like blood dripped from big toe

You know the one that collide with this tarmac road

During a game of hwishu

Childhood tastes like sadza mbodza rembida

Made in hole riddled pots salvaged from the rubbish hill right next to road

It taste like the freedom ushered in by our carefree ways

Childhood sounds like the laughter that rings as we laugh at silly sense jokes at the expense of the neighborhood ‘s madman

It sounds like cries over broken friendships

We all know will be mended tomorrow with the rising of the sun

Childhood feels like the warmth of soup on an extra chilly day

It feels like hugs from friends long gone, friends never to be seen again

Childhood feels like home, it’s why we never grow old but stay young at heart


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