Young African Authors to Watch

The Afrobloggers’ WinterABC has been challenging for me, staying consistent and on top of things can be hectic but we move. This post is my Stories of Africa post. If you know anything about me, you know I am passionate about the reading culture especially in little ones. I decided to put together a list of young authors to watch out for!

  1. Onald Gwiriri
Onald Gwiriri – Image from Google

Onald became the youngest winner of Zimbabwe’s National Arts Merit Awards this year. The 10 year old was awarded the NAMA for Outstanding Children’s Book for his book titled ‘The Cursing Tortoise’.

2.Michelle Nkadimeng

Michelle Nkadimeng – Image from Google

Michelle (born 2008) became the youngest ever author South Africa has seen at the age of 7 when she published her first book titled ‘Waiting for the Waves’. The book was part of a series with 4 parts. The other three books in the series are ‘The little girl who believes in herself’, ‘The Little Mouse’, and ‘The Golden Ring’.

3. Wakatendeka Bwanya

Wakatendeka Bwanya – Image from Google

Waka Bwanya is a young author who wrote a book titled ‘My Teapot Country’ at age 8 inspired by her travels to Zimbabwe. She shares her real life experiences from her explorations of Zimbabwe. From the country’s landscape to its folklore and culture.

4. Stacey Fru

Stacey Fru – Image from Google

Having published her first book, ‘Smelly Cat’, at age 8 Stacey Fru now has 5 book titles under her belt. Stacey has received awards for ‘Smelly Cat’ as well as a Young Leader award. In 2015, The Stacey Fru Foundation was launched, it supports educational initiatives for children from under served communities.

It is safe to say African literature is in good hands! Add more young authors you know of in the comment section.


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