Twenty – Twenty Thrive!

Hey, hey!

It’s been a while so yes, I am trying to dust off the cobwebs in the corners of this under utilised space I call mine on the internet.

The last quarter on my year was HECTIC! Actually, hectic might be an understatement, it was a WHIRLWIND.

I haven’t been on here consistently since June when we had the Afrobloggers Winter ABC and I think for me it was time to take a bit of a step back. I felt as if I was stuck in the motions of life and to be honest was just existing. It was because of this that I just didn’t have the creative juice to write. Every time I tried to nothing came. I had a block, a huge mental block. As things turned out, I stopped writing.

I missed this space. As a creator, I kept feeling something was missing. I felt bad everytime I glanced at my WordPress app. I even opened it a few times but I guess the time just wasn’t right yet. Until today.

Before we get lost down that drab rabbit hole let’s move on to all the stuff I have been up to since June when you last heard from me:

1. The blog turned 2! – Yes we made it, even though I have been slacking we still made it to 2

2. I took a basic Capacity Building and Industrial Skills course – this is a post for a whole other day but has really impacted my life in ways I can even begin to explain. Also made friends, met awesome people and got great experiences plus opportunities.

3. My baby turned 3! – they always say how kids grow so fast and I have personally witnessed it. I can never get over how small she was and how big she has grown so far. I will probably still be saying this 20 years from now but it is what it is.

4. My wedding anniversary – again time flies super fast, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already. Yes I know it might a small number to some but for me every year is a brick added to this “marriage institution” and I worth celebration.

5. I had a part time seasonal job – this place was hard work but made me realise how much I missed waking up early for work and just interacting with people I would otherwise would have never met. I can get over how everyone there thought I was younger than I actually am. I think they were just being nice. That’s the only they comments make sense lol.

6. I became co-host of Becomming A Mommy podcast that we do together with Louisa – this is one of my me time spaces where I just get to chill and speak to another mom who can related and let my hair down. I still don’t like being on camera but I now know I can do it!

My festive season was just as hectic with no breaks at all but if 2022 taught me anything, it’s that I am capable and I can make things happen. The year was setting me up to thrive in 2023!

I am definitely looking forward to it.


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