My Book

“I wrote this chapbook as a poetic expression of the grief, sadness, and loneliness I have gone through. Some that I was not even aware of.

It tells stories of heartbreak, the parent-child relationship, and a bit of introspection.

This book is also there as comfort so you know it’s not just you who goes through these things, you are not alone.” – Sue Nyakubaya-Nhevera, Author

What People Are Saying

The Rivers We Cry is a chapbook, (book with less than 40 pages), Divided into 3 sections, this compilation of poems about pain, heartbreak and disappointment. – @BasicGirlReads

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This chapbook gives you bite-sized poetry you can partake again and again and again. –@~B

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It is a collection of poems that will stick with you , get you to nod your head like a crazy person and scream “I get it” – @heyAnci

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