Frugally Techy

I was sitting with my phone wondering what I was going to write for a week themed Business & Tech. Like honestly, could anything be any harder? (Maybe child birth). Then it hit me. Take my phone on any given day, besides social media, writing apps and the pre-installed apps that come with the phone … Continue reading Frugally Techy

Beauty of the Mother Tongue

Zuva ranhasi ndasarudza kunyora zvinyorwa zvangu mururimi rwamai nokuda kwekuti ndimi dzedu, kunyanya-nyanya isu zvizvarwa zve Africa, dziri kufa. For my non-Shona readers jump to the bottom for the translated version of this post. Chaita ndizvipire kunyora muChiShona nhasi kunyangwe vazhinji vevanhu vanoverenga zvinyorwa zvangu vasiri vanhu vanonzwisira rurimi urwu ndechekuti ini semubereki ndinoda kuti … Continue reading Beauty of the Mother Tongue

The Period Question

Inspired by one of Connie Dia's posts on Period Poverty, I just had to revisit this topic for those of you at the back that didn't get it the first time around! Did you know that an estimated 30% of South African girls do not attend school each month because they can not afford sanitary … Continue reading The Period Question

When Creativity Flows…

So this is still week one of this year's Afrobloggers WinterABC, also known as Creavity Week. My husband is a fine artist and what better time to shamelessly plug him than a themed week of a challenge? I am going to list 5 artworks he made that I love the most. The Art Farm This … Continue reading When Creativity Flows…

Winter is Here And Here’s What Every Blogger Should Be Doing!

When I started this blog 11 months ago I told myself that one thing I would do different from my other previous blogs was not taking part in challenges. Firstly, because I have grown to understand how straining it is on me and secondly, I have a clear picture of how many posts I want … Continue reading Winter is Here And Here’s What Every Blogger Should Be Doing!

On Parenting : Onyinye’s Take

Firstly, before I start this post I would like to alert you that it is going to be centered on humor because over the years I have discovered that humor is one of my recipes and it helps me retain my sanity when things are getting out of hand. Secondly, I would love to make … Continue reading On Parenting : Onyinye’s Take