I Bleed Your Ink

A Collaboration Piece by Sue Nyakubaya-Nhevera & Claudine Karangwa Ingabire

Courtesy of GIFImage.com

For my words that flow like a river,

With the ink spewing across my page,

So much to say,so much to write to soothe your soul,

Let me narrate between the lines of your stories,

For my heart to bleed the pain from the scars that you carry,

For my voice to be heard as i speak for the voiceless,

It’s not that you are numb and helpless.

This ink that flows in my veins,

Pregnant with stories untold,

Alphabetical surges

Steaming, building up

Wails and screams,

Thunderous claps and ululations,

Emotions swirled up inside,

Let me be the mouthpiece.

Let me articulate your inner most,

When you fail to fathom.

When you fail to shape letters, to form the right words to express yourself,

Let me bleed your ink.

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7 thoughts on “I Bleed Your Ink

  1. ‘This ink that flows in my veins,

    Pregnant with stories untold,’ Hey! I can imagine when the water breaks and all the ink is born. The way you play with words keeps me thirsting for more. This is quite phenomenal. Keep up the good work!.

    Liked by 1 person

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