Blogging, Nominations and Shortlists

I started this blog as a way of coming back to myself. I had been suffering from post partum depression, unknowingly. I only realised it after I started getting better. I woke up one morning and was like “Hey, I haven’t been myself for a while.!” I hadn’t write anything in a very long time and everytime I tried to it just felt like something half assed so at some point I stopped trying, not that it helped it just made things worse.

When my baby was almost 9 months old I started this blog. In many ways it is about her as much as it is about me. Quoting the Uncle of African Bloggers “it is my little corner of the internet” and because of that I can leave her little nuggets of wisdom. She can see I am also human as she peeks into the workings of my mind. And I get to address things I think would make a better world for us and generations to come. Issues I have always been passionate about but have never really been able to talk about on my previous blogs. I like how free flowing I have allowed this blog to be but all still in the same spirit of learning, healing and understanding.

Since starting this blog 6 months ago I have been reading again (shout out to Hey Anci), writing again (on this blog, guest posting as well as contributing to Teakisi!), I have been consistent in my posts (every Wednesday for the most part. Yay me!) and interacting with the world. Things I never saw myself getting back to but hey we here and still standing at that.

So it was such an honor seeing this blog nominated in the Afrobloggers Awards 2020. You can never get the excitement. I am still in awe, like they chose me and the stuff I write for the shortlist!!!

Thank you to everyone who reads these rumblings of mine. Thank you to those who follow this blog.

Ps. Don’t forget to vote! Click HERE, scroll down to the Fresh Voice category then Kintsugi Blog and place your vote. Let’s bring this home! There are lot of great bloggers on the shortlists vote vote vote!


11 thoughts on “Blogging, Nominations and Shortlists

  1. Hey, we are voting for you like crazy. “Thank you to everyone who reads these rumblings of mine.” Point of correction Madam, these are not rumblings. We see your writings as creative imagination, eye-opening, healing, soothing, and great stuff. Sorry about the post-partum depression you went through, am glad you were able to name it and find the right solution. Some do not find help because they get diagnosed wrongly and end up being treated for mental illness or something. By the way we bought your book. Keep writing.

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