Clear up that mind-clutter!

Meditation and Positivity

As humans we are defaulted to negativity. That’s why people always seem to notice that ONE thing you did wrong forever, but will forget the things you did right in a jiffy. In all the chaos and negativity of the outside world we need to learn to have power over our minds, to fill it with positive thoughts and see the wonders it will work in our lives.

Although we might have been conditioned to think opposites attract (magnets or those relationships we all know are bad for us), when it comes to our psychology we couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to our minds and mental health, parallels attract. Positivity begets good and negativity begets bad. Positive thinking brings positive things to you.

Meditation allows us to unplug from the world. It allows us to let go of unwanted, negative emotions accumulated in life and by so doing quieting the mind. Kettles let out steam to make sure they don’t boil over, meditation in the same way works as a release for us too so we don’t proverbially boil over. Peace and quiet provide a clean canvas to work on, perfect conditions to achieving the goal (the control of our inner voice). Getting us a step closer to harnessing the power of our minds.


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