Reasons Why Every Child Should Be Financially Literate

Lord knows I am not where I want to be financially but as soon as I can I will be teaching my child whatever I know about being financially savvy.

This one is this big why, financially literate children make for financially sound adults. Everything boils down to it.

In Africa, most of us feel the system is against us. We feel that we will hardly make a dent in all the things wrong with this continent and maybe this is so but as I always tell my husband change starts small. If I am able to change the mind of one person who will influence someone else and so on that is how we bring about bigger change.

For me, this doesn’t even have to horizontal (from peer to peer) but it could be vertical (from parent to child) and it would still be change nonetheless. Eventually the world will see its impact. The important thing is we have to start somewhere!

This is exactly why I believe in building wealth for my child. However small, if I am able to alliviate some of her pressures and allow her to do a bit more for her children by passing whatever she has accumulated on to them, somewhere down the line my descendants will live my wildest dreams. What’s important is that I start and tip over that first domino.

What good will the little I manage to pass on to my daughter if she is not financially literate? If all she knows is what this consumer mindset driven society has taught her? Would it change anything? Certainly not!

As a believer in being the change I want to see I always strive to do better and live by the standards I set. When it comes to financial literacy, I hope to do better by my child and leave her in a better position than I am. I hope those who come after us see the change worked for by those before them and flourish.

Change is good.


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