Read this blog post if…you wonder about your legacy.

It seems the word legacy has recently become my most used word. It is is the first word my keyboard suggests when I want to type. Being a parent does that to you, you don’t just think about the foreseeable future but for your grandkids too.

I was not going to post this week, I have been in a slump and I thought I would take a break but I came across sad news on Twitter today. It just wouldn’t leave me alone.

We lost someone today, when I say we I mean the world. I came across some tweets some years ago by this lady living her best life. She was Zimbabwean so already I felt a connection, she was one of the nicest people I have come across on Twitter. Dr Sindi was a blessing. Most famously know for her Grandpa “cake” thread among others.

I don’t know her. I have never spoke to her BUT she touched my life. I get attached to people and maybe a little too much.

I remember when Rae Lyric passed and I felt such a loss. A loss for someone I never knew, someone who would never know me either BUT like Dr Sindi she had touched my life. I have no words.

I am proud to have known these women.

Today my timeline is flooded with thank you messages, condolences and memories of the good doctor. I got to thinking. What legacy am I leaving behind? What legacy are you leaving behind?

It doesn’t mean to be mourned by millions or anything like that. All I am asking you is to take a step back and evaluate, live your best life and do your best to do good.

May the legacy you leave be a good one.


8 thoughts on “Read this blog post if…you wonder about your legacy.

      1. Not at all
        And I believe its about time we dwell on the most important things in life which really matters and do the right thing

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